Why do we need to learn how to rest?

The phrase “If you know how to work, you must know how to rest” was coined for a reason. Because work without rest is a burning out of vitality, leading to complete exhaustion.

In the value of rest no one doubts, but – why is rest so useful, what it gives the body and why is it so important to know how to rest properly?

Who cares – a rest. I’ll rest later… someday…
So many people think, pinching themselves in rest. The topic is really very topical. True workaholic hard to distract from their favorite thing – work. And those who do not like their work, you need to restore their strength.

Many people simply do not consider themselves worthy of rest and for this reason do not even plan anything in their lives, driving themselves into a daily routine and endless affairs.

The formula for the best health vacation
The Soviet slogan: “Sun, air and water – our best friends!” has not lost its relevance to the present day. And if all factors are present, the vacation is sure to succeed!

What good is the sun?
A moderate contact with ultraviolet light is very good for health. How? Thanks to exposure to the sun, the metabolism in the body is greatly accelerated. Overweight is lost without any effort.

The concentration of hemoglobin in the blood increases, and the skin and all organs are better saturated with oxygen.

Under the rays of the sun is the production of vitamin D, the presence of which protects the human body from diseases of the joints, colds and depression.

Remember! You can get your dose of the useful radiation of the sun just by taking a walk in the shade in the city park. There’s no need to go to the sea for this.

The air and its health benefits
Sitting in the four walls during the vacation is forbidden. Pallor office “plankton” caused by sitting from morning till night in the premises with closed windows, where the same air is endlessly chased by air conditioners hundreds of times a day. All this causes congestion, hypodynamia, anemia and edema.

Fresh air, which you breathe by walking through the streets, parks or woods, contributes to the quality delivery of oxygen to all tissues and organs of the body, helps to keep blood vessels in tone, aligns the nervous system and normalizes sleep.

What you should really do on vacation is to get a good night’s sleep. That is to say, you should get up not by the alarm clock, but when you wake up. You should eat at the same time and try not to think about work and not to be nervous.

Distract yourself from thinking about work and the idea that you are haunted by fixes: “how are they without me” will help new experiences. Museums, travel, outdoor activities – parachuting, swimming, yachting, boating, water sports. The choice of activities is huge, you can do something you haven’t done before, expanding your comfort zone and thus training yourself for strength.

The Power of Water
Near any body of water, be it sea, ocean, lake, ordinary river or even a small pond, it is always easier to breathe. This is because of the increased level of humidity. The water suspended in the air weighs down allergens, viruses and germs and sinks them to the ground.

While on vacation, take every opportunity to swim. Swimming puts a uniform load on the muscular corset, the elasticity of which determines the quality of holding all the organs of the body in their places. In addition, during the swimming movements your metabolism accelerates significantly, which contributes to quick weight loss and hardening. Regular swimming is able to form a figure of higher quality than special simulators.

Come on, quick rest!
Knowing now, from what and what benefits, quickly pull yourself out of the daily business whirlwind and do for yourself a pleasant and useful thing – relax! And not necessarily all at once. Even half an hour of rest will do the trick.

But remember that with a strong long-term load, short breaks will not be enough for the body. So at least once a year, put aside all business and have a quality rest, body and soul, for at least a week, and forget about everything else for that time.

Date of publication: May 7, 2022 @ 04:33