About Life with Love

This is the page of a psychologist and a coach. Our mission is to help men feel more confident and focused in the face of the uncertainty that always accompanies a meeting with a beautiful stranger. Together we will map out your next dating steps. By broadening our perspective of ourselves, setting realistic expectations and achievable steps, and deepening our respect for ourselves as men, we can achieve relationships that address our best qualities and meet our goals. In doing so, we will not forget to pay attention to the joy that we expect from the relationship.

About Life with Love

Life with Love is a agile coaching program that helps you chart the next steps in a relationship and connect you more deeply to your inner frame of reference. During the time spent together, we create specific, achievable goals in the direction in which you would like to change your relationship pattern. We recognize and soften the inner blocks that hold you back and deepen your love for yourself, make your relationship with a woman richer and brighter.

Spend less time worrying about the unknown, which is the way of dating. If you want to love yourself the way you can be in a relationship with a woman, return to your life path as a couple, feel more confident in communicating with different gender, and get a clear roadmap for the next steps in dating, let’s start our journey together.

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