If a woman is attracted to older men

Ever since high school, we remember that girls develop faster than boys physiologically and, consequently, psychologically. This trend persists until about 25 years of age: boys of the same age are less interesting, and girls choose older men. But when the difference in the age of the chosen one is 10, 15, or even 20 years, the reason lies not only in physiology.

Let’s look at psychoanalysis.
Austrian psychoanalyst and neurologist Sigmund Freud wrote that parents become prototypes of the partners we choose. For example, boys often fall in love with girls who look like their mother, girls fall in love with men who look like their father.

Many women instinctively look for men older than themselves, because they did not receive enough fatherly love, care and attention in their childhood. There are many variations, but it is likely that such girls were told little in childhood, “I love you” or “You’re my princess.” Also, the woman may have grown up in a single-parent family where, for whatever reason, there was no male parent.

Another story is when physically there was a father, but emotionally he was absent. A prime example is workaholism. Such a father could not be leaned on or mentally supported. At a time when he is needed most, he often goes off to work. And the girl desperately seeks love, understanding and care from other men.

Fear of separating from the care of her parents
If a woman has not achieved complete autonomy from her parents, she seeks to return to that relationship. She is afraid of losing the parent-child bond forever. It is cozy in the parental nest and wants a man to be a senior companion or guardian, who will provide financially, as well as support morally. Such a woman cannot (and most often does not want to) solve financial issues on her own and feels uncomfortable without pronounced mental support. In addition, she is very afraid of being alone.

Benefits and benefits
At the same time, a mature man is a safe haven, and a woman feels good with him for a number of reasons.

The material part of life. A financially established man is a reliable support for the family and home, in which a woman can take care of the house, hobbies and raising children without needing anything.

Interesting Personality. An adult man is a man who has already managed to see and comprehend a lot. More often than not, it is more interesting to be with him than with a peer who does not yet know exactly who he is and what he is interested in.

Emotional support and care. With age, many men begin to listen to a woman’s perspective, understand her and support her in a difficult moment, with what in young couples can be difficult.

Dependability. A mature man is already “fattened up” – he most likely knows what he himself wants. With him it is not scary to start a family, you can rely on him.

Sexual life. An experienced man knows how, how much and what a woman wants, and is not fixated on his own sexual fantasies and successes.

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Date of publication: Jul 20, 2022 @ 04:03