How to overcome shyness

Shyness will not go away by itself, you need to get rid of it. Fighting it is a serious work of a person on himself. Sometimes it is better to do this together with a psychologist. But you can prepare for victory yourself. To get rid of the complexions, it is recommended to take several steps.

Step one. Find a hobby that involves group activities. This can be dance or yoga lessons, literature nights or theater studio, volunteer work, or a discussion club. Choose what is closer to you, as long as you communicate a lot with people of both sexes.


Step two. Practice virtual communication. Learn to communicate with the opposite sex on social media. This is easier than real conversation, but you can practice certain skills: for example, looking for topics for conversation, making compliments, conducting a dialogue. You can initially choose those interlocutors whom you do not consider as potential partners. This will make it easier for you. The goal is for communication to be maintained long enough. Learn to be online friends.

Step three. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t try to behave in a way that suits you. There are steps you need to take that will make you feel awkward at first, but will help you experience the pleasure of interacting with people over time. For example, walk up to a stranger and ask for directions, compliment the girl in the elevator, smile at the young man on the bus. No one will think anything bad about you! Make it a rule to actively and positively communicate with others. Gradually you will start to like it. Keep a journal every day, noting your progress. Only successes, failures are not necessary.